Register and get these things...

1) An item added to your dashboard for the EVENT info.
2) MANY HOURS of fun instruction, tips & tricks - all taught like only Sally does!
3) STAY HOME - STAY SAFE while getting a unique retreat experience.
4) A weekend of fun with other sewists from around the world.
5) BONUS: Lifetime access to "PROJECT of the Weekend"

Welcome to this Staycation Event!     In order to deliver the information you need in the best way possible, we have split the information you need into two separate items that will be in your dashboard.  

We commonly use our retreats to bring out new patterns. The Staycations are no different. So to support and serve this remote way of doing our "retreats" via teleconferencing, you will see the following pop up in your dashboard....

The first is only relevant for the time period leading up to your Staycation and for the weekend of the StayCay. So.... the "Event" item will be in your dashboard to be handy as your reference for links, times, etc. for the weekend. It will quickly become obsolete. We delete these shortly after the event so you don't have these pile up in your dashboard.

Next... You will get the BONUS of Lifetime Access to the featured project(s) of the weekend. This will pop up in your dashboard - and is where any cutting instructions, etc can be found for the item/project that we will be sewing. In some cases, the "Project" may already be a full workshop - or you may see it bloom into a full workshop with full PDF tutorials at a later date - of which you will get full access.

The important thing here is to realize that you will receive lifetime access to the "Project of the Weekend" - which includes any future updates if it is being developed.  

These will be added to your dashboard:

Lifetime access to the projects below are included in your registration.

BONUSES for Attendees ONLY

Once you register, you will have TWO special bonuses!

Bonus #1 : 60% off any Mastery Workshops you desire!

Lifetime access.

Code is inside your event item in your dashboard as soon as you register.

Bonus #2 : 60% off zippers & frames in our sister store:

Code is inside your event item in your dashboard as soon as you register.

These codes are valid NOW through your Staycation weekend.

A big ❤️ THANK YOU!

to our members that attend these events and graciously help each other!   

All of the humor, helpfulness, and caring is truly what makes our events the very best!

Agenda. Sorta.

This gives you a general idea of how the days are spent!

Remember... this is about YOU having fun.

Come for the entire time... or pop in and out as you desire!

THURSDAY:   Check In


When:  2-4 PM

 Meet & Greet, New folks get comfy with zoom, Help with any issues ,etc.  

You might want to use this time to cut your pieces, have a "committee meeting" with others as to where to use your fabric choices in the project, or just hang out.

If there is participation, this can go into the evening with the attendees just hanging out and having fun - just as if you all just met at a hotel.   

FRIDAY & SATURDAY:   Open Sewing

 8 AM - 10 AM is Sewcial Space time on our normal, Sewcial Space zoom number.  

10AM - 4PM We usually open up the Demo Room and Chatter rooms - depending on how crowded it gets.  

4PM - Just like a "real" retreat, people hang out and enjoy each other - back in the Sewcial Space.

Oh... Expect a lunch break at about noon.


8 AM - Sewcial Space

9AM - Jammie Chats are coming back!   Let's try for a Show and Tell!   Place to be determined - just watch your Event item in your Dashboard.  

10AM - Noon - the Demo Room and Chatter Rooms may be open.


Afternoon till 5 - attendees are welcome to hang out in the Chatter Room if they'd like.

🌺 Our mission is to make sure you have a great time and you learn some things along the way - if that's what you're after.  

🌺  Please check your private group for this event in Mighty Networks for zoom numbers, and any other details or changes that might happen. 

🌺🌺🌺 We're looking forward to having a fabulous weekend! 🌺🌺🌺