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Our site network

Quick List of where to find things.

September, 2021

Hi all...

Welcome to our "school". After you purchase on sewing.school , this is the section of our site network that delivers your classes, workshops, events, etc.

Notice the black header - (think like a "school" blackboard)

Each part of our site network is a different color in attempts to help everyone realize where they are.

If you look in your address bar of your browser, you will be able to quickly see what part of the site you're in:

sewing.school - YELLOW site headers (Sally's favorite color!) That's our FRONT DOOR to everything we do.

You will also find it to be our store site for classes, patterns, workshops, retreats, pins, & other misc items.  This is the place to shop for our stuff.  🥰

If you ever get lost... go to sewing.school and start over.

We're excited to have been able to obtain this domain name during 2021 - and we have some great plans for it.

sewlikearockstar.com - RED site headers. This has been our main site - and it still is delivering some services as we transition. But soon, you will see changes coming for us to help stores and educators on that address & name. We could never give up bein' Rock Stars.... lol.

school.sewlikearockstar.com - BLACK like a blackboard. Again, this is where you are now. This is our class delivery system. Look to this place to be where you will usually want to go to access your classes, etc.

On that front, be sure to enroll in the "Road Map to Sew Like A Rock Star" . Consider that your reference area and map to find everything we do.

shop.sewmuchnicer.com - our sister site, run by my son, Joel and his wife, Stacy.   That's the place to get zippers & frames.  VIPs - be sure you have your 60% coupon code for the goodies there!

❗️❗️❗️ IMPORTANT ❗️❗️❗️:  Some of the software that runs these features requires separate log in's.   This means that if you are logged in to one place on the site, one of the other features may not be able to recognize that. 

If you try to log in with your usual user name and password, and the site comes back with a message saying it doesn't recognize you, you are probably in a new feature that you have not been in before.  You will need to register for that feature to work.

PLEASE... use the same name, email address and password for all of our features to avoid confusion.

We understand this is a bit cumbersome for the time being - we apologize.    We are working on making a single log-in that will work across everywhere - BUT - this will cost about $2,000 to implement and another $5,000 per year to run.  😳   It's on our "to do" list - if we can find a more affordable solution.

As always, if you have any problems, be sure to click on the "Help" or "Contact" links found on the footers of most pages.

Thanks for bein' with us!

Sally and her Rock Star Team