As you ponder creating one of your own...

1.  We'd like to show you the differences that make the BONZA! our most popular project.

2. If you like, you may see a few choices in detail.   Here's an 8 minute video that features the BONZA! and shows a complete comparison of several of our projects as well as the accessories.  Here it is:

Pretty cool, huh? 🤓 Now that you see the awesomeness of this project...

3.  You have FIVE different choices in how you would like to go about creating your own BONZA! 

🌺 Full pattern tutorial PDF. Download only. 74 full color pages, over 100 easy to see detailed images to help you through each step. $17

🌺 Video Mastery Workshop  Work at your own pace & enjoy each step of the process of building this project in great detail. Our videos cater to even the most inexperienced sewists, but also offer lots of tips and tricks that surprise even the most experienced sewists.

While you may be interested in making this project now, you will absolutely learn skills that will serve you in many other projects that you create in the future. 

🌺  Live Events Online For over 3 years, Sew Like A Rock Star has been bringing fun groups of sewists together to enjoy each other and learning in a fabulous, friendly atmosphere of fun!

We have cutting edge camera technology coupled with the power of Zoom teleconferencing.  It's easy to see the sewing procedures up close while also enjoying the live group.  Below is an actual screen shot that illustrates what you will see 

Our two main groups for live events are the 1)  Sally Sew-A-Longs (SSALs)  and 2) our Staycations.  

🌺  Sally Sew-A-Long info can be found by CLICKING HERE.


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The coupon code is 2020save50  to get 50% off of this item.   🤓

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4.  Enjoy!   

Thanks for bein' with us!
- Sally and her Rock Star Team

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