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Welcome to this Staycation Event!     In order to deliver the information you need in the best way possible, we have split the information you need into two separate items that will be in your dashboard.  

We commonly use our retreats to bring out new patterns. The Staycations are no different. So to support and serve this remote way of doing our "retreats" via teleconferencing, you will see the following pop up in your dashboard....

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60% off your choice of workshop

Open Sew - Hang out, sew or not - enjoy time with us!
Sew anything you'd like... or participate with your choice of Project of the Week.
Sally sews all day on Saturday.

Choose from our best selling bags and accessories! 

Coupon code can be found within the event item in your dashboard after you register.    

Agenda. Sorta.



When:  2-4 PM

 Meet & Greet, New folks get comfy with zoom, Help with any issues ,etc.  

You might want to use this time to cut your pieces, have a "committee meeting" with others as to where to use your fabric choices in the project, or just hang out.    

If there is participation, this can go into the evening with the attendees just hanging out and having fun - just as if you all just met at a hotel.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY:   Open Sewing

7 AM - 8 AM is Sewcial Space time on our normal, Sewcial Space zoom number.  

8 AM - 4 PM We open up the Demo Room and Chatter rooms.  

4 PM - Just like a "real" retreat, people hang out and enjoy each other - back in the Sewcial Space.

Oh... Expect a lunch break at about noon.

Afternoon till 5 - attendees are welcome to hang out in the Chatter Room if they'd like.

🌺 Our mission is to make sure you have a great time and you learn some things along the way - if that's what you're after.  

🌺  Please check your event item in your dashboard for complete details and zoom numbers 

🌺🌺🌺 We're looking forward to having a fabulous weekend! 🌺🌺🌺