Our Community Calendar

Important about Time Zones:

This monthly view below is displayed in MOUNTAIN TIME - home of Sew Like a Rock Star.

Click on the event you desire, and the time in the popup "bubble" still will show Mountain Time.

Clicking "more details" (inside the bubble) will open a new window, bringing you to Google Calendar.
If you are NOT logged in to Google, times there may show Mountain Time.
If you ARE logged in to Google, times will show according to your own settings in Google.

If you use the links here to add an event to your own calendar - and if your settings are correct - it will show in the proper time for your own time zone on your device.  If done properly, any changes we make here will show for you on your own device!  Handy, eh?  🤓

🌺 The use of Google Calendar is intended to help our members so you may easily add events of interest to your calendar on your own device.  
For further help or information, please click here for Google Calendar Help.