Refund Policy

No refunds on digital goods.
Coupon codes must be used at time of purchase.

In the spirit of transparency, as well as we have a longstanding, positive track record with our credit card processors (and they appreciate a chuckle,too)  here's our policy.

So here it is... the entire reasoning so it's on the front page so nobody can say it was hiding!  🙄

This also serves the purpose of defeating any refund/chargeback attempts due to misunderstanding.

We're not trying to be sore about this, but we cannot offer low deals AND take time to correct a problem because a member was careless. This is especially true for some folks that are flying around on the internet - navigating from a phone (ugh) and not really reading .  This is clearly not you, obviously - because you're reading this, riiiight? 🥰Bless your heart! 🥰

❤️We encourage everyone - PLEASE be careful when checking out. ❤️

❗️Coupon codes MUST be used at time of purchase - no exceptions. It is up to YOU to take the 5 seconds to check your total to see if it is correct before hitting the final payment button.

We offer Coupon Codes in many venues - quilting groups, classes, bloggers, etc... so they must be used at time of purchase.

• If you want to hunt for a deal, make sure you are on OUR mailing list. It's easy to opt in on our home page at

• Many of our codes are displayed right on the catalog page for the item - that is displayed prior to anyone having the ability to place an order. We are not sure how we could make it any easier.

Here's why we can't do refunds: 

Credit card processors have changed their structure in 2018. We do NOT get the fees back for refunded transactions.

This expense is in addition to the burden of having to do manual changes to your account, enrollments, access permissions, the bookkeeping hassle in about 5 different places (total drag!!!) and having take precious time to do the refund correctly.

If you fail to take the 5 seconds to look at your total before hitting the payment button, it would take the staff 45-60 minutes total to fix the 5 second boo-boo. We clearly can't do that and offer deals, too.

Moreover, the same type of person that is not careful with the transaction also tends to be the kind of person that is very difficult to communicate with - some don't respond to us for days! (ask us how we know)

And then there are the abusive types, too, just trying to create a hassle - I digress.

We'd rather be sewing, too!

I'm going to leave you with one example: One person made a mistake in Nov '19 - placing an $850 order instead of a $8.50 one! That is an OBVIOUS mistake - and YES we did do a prompt refund for her gross mistake. BUT besides the hassle of the time that we had to spend on it, it also cost us over $30 in fees - for an $8 order, mind you.

We kindly remind everyone that Terms of Use (as laid out on - which extends to here) state no refunds on digital goods.

If you just read through this, this can't be about you, can it? ... just kidding. 🤓


If this is an issue, please read our Terms of Use on .

So be careful. ❤️

Let's go have fun!

Thanks for bein' with us!